Kone Karaoke System



1. Harddisk Space: 3TB (~55000 songs)

2. Stable interface, system will not crash easily

3. Support touch screens from multiple manufacturers, intelligently adapting to each touch screen

4. Interface visual effects: shadows, lists, full screen options to switch between

5. Real time song ranking function

6. Support IOS and Android remote control

7. Support keybaord typing, handwriting, pinyin, etc to search for songs

8. Support various sound effects, such as clapping, etc

9. Support English / Chinese interface

10. Picture in Picture interface

Device Interface

1. VGA to touch screen connection: 1

2. Composite Video CVBS: 2

3. Full HD HDMI 1.3 Interface

4. Fibre Optics

5.  Coaxial

6. Component Video Output YPB Pr

7. USB Output: 2

8. COM 3.5mm: 2

9. Power: 12V DC / 4AIOS/Android Interface Instructions

1. IOS download from Apple store, Android by QR code to download app

2. After downloading the app, connect to the system and scan the QR code

3. Song and singer updates after successful connection

4. Restore to normal controlmainoen

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