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We introduce to you the most advanced and sophisticated technology in Asia: Hitbox Karaoke System!
The software is currently the most popular karaoke system in United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan , supporting a wide range of formats and HD resolution.

Offering a simple yet extensive search engine, the software allows sorting by name of artists, name of songs (can be handwritten), option to include pictures of the artists and more! The user interface includes the ability to edit your play list. The control panel provides options for you to customize the appearance and functionality of your karaoke system as well as allowing you to update your songs conveniently. The system is suitable for KTV, restaurants, pubs, hotels and personal home use. Different configurations and setups are available.


– Included up to date songs with different languages such as
English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai etc.

– Update your system songs conveniently

– A simple yet extensive search engine

– Full touch screen support

– Allows sorting by name of artists , name of songs (can be handwritten)

– Supporting a wide range of formats and HD resolution

– Artists picture search engine

– Formats supported include VCD, DVD, MPG, DAT, MPEG, VOD etc.

– Audio output options include DRA, Dolby, DTS surround sound.

– New added feature: control the Hitbox with your laptop, iPhone  or iPad.

For more information please visit http://www.hitboxkaraoke.co.uk/

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