ATSH Professional Audio Karaoke KTV Speaker PK-106

pk1063ATSH Professional Audio is a company specialise in professional KTV sound systems. The company aim to provide mid-top tier range of sound systems.

ATSH Professional Audio PK-106 consist of a 10″ woofer with two 3″ tweeters along side, power output at 200W, with a 8 ohm impedance. Frequency response between 48Hz – 20KHz. On-axis sensitivity is at 91dB. Ideally created for karaoke usage,  suitable for both home and commerical use.


Power Output: 200W

1 x 10″ woofer + 2 x 3″ tweeters

Frequency Response: 48Hz – 20KHz

Sensitivity: 91dB

Maximum Sound Pressure: 120dB

Impedence: 8 ohm

Dimension: 509 x 295 x 296 mm

Weight: 10.5 kg pk1062pk106

ATSH Speaker





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