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LED Strips


led strips

Are you bored of the way your rooms look, or are looking for a way to make you venues more thrilling? LED strips are able to change the mood of the area with full colours available with changeable effects.

The LED strip is an unmissable go-anywhere source of illumination. It gives you the creative freedom to create stunning visual effects in cinemas, bars and hotels, or in showrooms and retail environments. The waterproof strip provides a focus or a point of detail along bars, counters or lines of shelving and on the edges of floors, walls and stairs.

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Bluetooth Smart LED Lightbulb SpeakerBluetooth-Smart-Led-Bulb-BL08A-E27-Smart-LED-Bulb-Light-Lamp-6W-For-IOS-Android-Phone2

This product has a unique and exclusive two-in-one design: the smart LED lightbulb and speaker!

The E27/B22 socket allows for easy installation and good compatibility to all bulbs.

It can support a wide range of Bluetooth devices and operating systems, including IOS and Android System.

More importantly is this Bluetooth LED Bulb use low consumption Bluetooth 4.0 technology, purity and definition of particular voice based on DSP technology. Wish you can have infinite joy from the combination of light and music.

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Karaoke System

Hitbox KaraokeYou enjoy singing at home, but you always need to find the correct discs to put in your video players, and as they cannot fit as many songs, it wastes time and destroys the atmosphere. With our karaoke system, you can enjoy singing whenever you want with our select and play system, and also with our system able to store many thousands of songs, there is no need to waste so much time finding the right song from various discs.

As with commercial use, you can be assured you will be able to satisfy your customers with the large library of songs available, so whether they are looking for old classics, or recent hit songs, they will find what they want.

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Karaoke Equipment

 PK100 hk98000 AT310010


We also have a range of karaoke equipment available, so you don’t have to find somewhere else to obtain a complete set of karaoke gears. Whether it is for home entertainment, or for commercial use, we have the right equipment for you.

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CCTV Surveillance System

Whether you need a network system for commercial use, or if it is to have an extra eye for your home, we have the right surveillance system for you. from home CCTV camera phones to system up to 32 channels for businesses. All of which provide high resolution graphics.

 cctv12131231 CCTV Camera Phone Wireless

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IPTV Smart Tv BoxGain access to hundreds of live TV channels, and thousands of programs such as movies, dramas, sports, music, kids and much more. Also you will have the opportunity  to gain access of many apps, where you can download whatever it is that suits you best.

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Point of Sales (POS) system

POS Point Of Sales SystemIf you have a business and are looking for an electronic system to record your sales, that will reduce the number of paperwork needed, and will also save time on writing down orders. We are able to provide complete set of POS system: computer with touch monitor, cash drawer and receipt printer.

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Website Design and Update

web3You would like to set up a new website, but you are not familiar with how to create a website that will attract people’s attention. Or you already have a website, but the contents are old and you need help with updating the site.

We are able to provide help with any of the issues above and more.

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