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KC Media Technology have been very successful in the LED industry for over 10 years in Hong Kong. Over the years we have fully developed our own manufacturer and professional technical team. As we have been very successful in the Asian market, we are now introducing ourselves to the open world market. We are able to supply you from components to finished products. We can also provide you with the most knowledgeable technical support wherever you are. 

LED Display Modules

LED modules are the main feature of a LED display board. It is made up of light emitting components and driving circuit. Output of various format are available depending on matrix size, from text to videos. The smaller the pixel pitch (Px – where x is a number), the higher density of pixels per area it is, and the higher resolution compared with a lower pixel pitch display.


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LED Display Accessories

LED Display Board Power Supply


Built-in WMI noise filter, anti-interference, small direct ripple, high working efficiency, soft smart capacity design, limited serge voltage, low working temperature, long lifespan, large power input range, comply with international standard, good electric insulativity, good dielectric strength with short circuit, overload, over-voltage protection features

The power supply is used to transform 220V alternating current to direct current to support various circuits. In this case, the power is converted to 5V DC.

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Control Card


The control card that we use are able to transmit various format output from the computer to the display board. Not only it is able to transmit data across, it is able to store the information on the card itself, so there is no need to connect to a computer to transmit data while using the LED display, so it can run individually, making it more reliable than using a computer, where it might breakdown or have any sort of error which would affect the output display. Depending on how many modules will be used for various size of displays, multiple number of power supplies may be used.

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16P Flexible Flat Cable (FFC)

16P FFC 1

Flexible flat cable, referred to as soft cable or FFC, RFC. It is a flat tinned copper PET or other insulating material and thin tinned flat copper wire, using high-tech automated production to form the new data cable. It is soft, free to bend/fold, thin, small, simple connection, easy to take apart, good electromagnetic shielding (EMI) and other advantages.

This is the cable that transfer data from one module to another. In order to be able to display contents onto a matrix of multiple LED modules, data need to be transferred to all individual modules, so they all work together to form the final output display desired.

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If you wish to assemble 16P FFC yourself, you can buy pressure thread and the cable individually.

 16P Pressure Thread  Flexible Flat Cable (250 feet)
 pressure thread 3 long
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Red & Black Power Cable 10cm


These power cords has got high conductivity, low resistance and long lifespan. Power cord is used to transfer power from the power supply to the individual modules, with the 2 wires connecting to respective positive and negative currents.

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Or you can purchase a roll and cut to length desired and connect with fork terminals.

Red Vs Black Power Cable 200m Insulated Fork Terminals
WIRE1 fork2
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LED Module Magnet


LED display board magnets, also known as LED magnets, can be used to replace screws, which increases the efficiency of installation dramatically, and also make it easier for maintenance in the future. With the use of LED magnets, LED modules can be installed just by placing the modules onto the frame with the LED magnets holding the two together. Or if you need to take apart the modules for maintenance, just simply separate the modules from the frame from the front, instead of having to remove screws from the back. This is ideally used for outdoor displays.

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LED Aluminium Frame


The outer aluminium frame is made to carry and installation of the LED modules, power supplies and other accessories. This is made to a standard size of 6m long, but cut to length according to the dimension required for the screen. So whether it is a large or small display of various size, the frame can be made for any dimensions required.

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LED Steel Support Backbone


Steel support backbone are cut to length according to the length needed, and then it is screwed and secured onto the aluminium outer frame. LED magnets are installed, and when working with the LED magnets installed on the modules, it will secure the modules onto the frame.

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Corner Frame for LED Display Boards

corner 3

 Aluminium frames itself cannot form the entire frame, matching corner frames are used to join frames together to form the entire profile of the outer frame. This specific corner frame will only fit the specific aluminium frame that we provide.

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